Mergers and Acquisition

 Mergers And Acquisition

At Anand Chaitanya, we offer drafting and analysis of contracts about mergers, demergers, joint ventures, and acquisition. Mergers and Acquisition are an essential part of corporate growth strategy. We assist in every transaction by protecting the company’s legal interest. With our legal counsels, Anand Chaitanya is highly reputed in the merger and acquisition field. We assess the opportunities and potential issues from both selling and buying side’s perspective.

We assist our clients in mergers and acquisition in the following cases:

Capital structure and Financial position

Larger the potential target, larger is the change in capital structure. We manage your structural changes in reducing your risks and ensuring long-term success. Based on the requirement of the transaction, we advise merger, de-merger, takeover, amalgamation, buy-back.

Drafting and Analysis of contracts

Drafting and analysis of contracts help you in understanding financial and corporate gains. We also support in review of Term Sheets or Letter of Intent (LOI). With our experience and skills in practicing business law, we are able to draft contracts and negotiate them in your favour.

Legal Due Diligence
With our experience, we support in carrying out legal due diligence of target companies after execution of term sheet to protect the interest of the investor or acquirer.
Corporate secretarial compliance

At Anand Chaitanya, we take care secretarial compliances associated with the transaction. We also ensures that the company’s legal interest remains secured.

Representation before NCLT

We represent your matter related to M&A activities before NCLT and other statutory authorities.

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