Legal Documentation & Related Services

 Legal Documentation & Related Services

At Anand Chaitanya, we provide support for drafting commercial contracts, MoU, petition, undertaking and provide legal opinion. This support is for all types of Corporate entities in the following areas.

Drafting and vetting Services

Drafting and vetting of documents are one of our expertise, we engage with corporate risk, complex commercial goals and financial gains to predict the outcomes of a contract. With our experience and skills in practicing business law, we are able to draft contracts and negotiate them in your favour. Our exposure to a wide range of contracts makes us suitable for drafting dynamic agreements and assist you in spotting different issues before executing the contract.

We provide you drafting and vetting service for:

⦁ Commercial Agreements
⦁ Memorandum of Understandings
⦁ Letter of Intents
⦁ Understandings
⦁ Undertakings
⦁ Affidavits
⦁ Petitions
⦁ Applications

No matter the size of the project, we, through our expert team, will strategically represent you in contract negotiations by protecting your interest with our drafting and analysis experience. With our contract vetting, we ensure that all the terms and conditions in the contract comply with relevant laws as applicable.

Co-ordination with Legal Counsel, Solicitors, and Advocates

At Anand Chaitanya, we offer advisory services in selecting legal counsel for investigating the facts related to allegations. We understand no corporation would be happy about outside counsels investing about company’s private matters.

In the investigation process, we offer co-ordination between legal counsels, solicitors, and advocates for effective and efficient investigation. With our broad experience in handling complex legal situations, we assist our clients with convenient confidentiality.

Legal Audits

At Anand Chaitanya, we conduct legal audits ensuring execution of imperative and legal compliances governing corporate business. In the legal audit, we prepare a compliance evaluation report on the basis of analysis of required parameters including client guidelines and state and local taxes. We address various issues regarding, the capability of the company for business under foreign jurisdiction, analysis of executive compensation, retirement plans etc. which are of prime importance to prevent future legal issues.

We have designed a systematic approach for evaluation of legal compliance. At Anand Chaitanya, we support in conducting operational, financial and compliance audits to assess your internal business command. With our legal audit, we recommend business solutions to managerial authorities to increase the efficiency and potency of the business.

Benefits of legal auditing involve

⦁ Proper record of personal and business assets
⦁ Compliance with laws and regulations
⦁ Prevention of fines, penalties with legal permits and licensing
⦁ Asset verification
⦁ Preventions of legal lawsuits

Legal audit act as best tool of preventive litigation. We also provide tips to prevent litigations few are illustrated hereunder:

⦁ Be very careful in choosing the parties with whom you do business
⦁ Spend time to find more about your potential associate / partner
⦁ Start with some activities that build mutual understanding and
⦁ Move into long-term or deeper involvement with caution
⦁ At each stage of business relationship, prepare clear documents that
leave no room for misunderstanding
⦁ While in the business relationship, take all possible care to avoid derailment
⦁ If things go wrong, try for amicable resolution of problems
⦁ If amicable resolution not possible, try for exit by mutual consent

Legal Opinion

At Anand Chaitanya, we support you with legal opinion related to various laws. Through our legal experts, we offer both; primary, and secondary opinion support. We provide these opinions based on the compliance of single or series of transactional business related to the applicable laws in general and special legislation. We also consider your company’s objectives and policies along with related documents. Our legal opinion support also indicates the information about the risks analysis, limitations, risk mitigation strategy, etc.

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